Mechanics / FAQ
Mechanics / FAQ

Who can be a donor?

  1. All official members of the UP Vanguard Incorporated (UPVI) can be donors.
  2. Relatives, Estates, Classmates and friends of deceased UPVI members.
  3. Corporations, firms, or offices

Who are qualified to have their names on the wall?

  1. Only official members of the UPVI are eligible to have their names embedded on the Shibboleth Wall (including deceased members).
  2. Any 3rd party (relatives, estate, classmates, corporation, firms, etc. ) can sponsor the inclusion of the name of a Vanguard.
  3. A Vanguard can have his name on the wall only once regardless of the amount he/she donates.

How can someone be a donor?

  1. A donor has the privilege of having a Vanguard’s name embedded on the Shibboleth wall with a minimum donation of Php 9,000. A donor may choose to donate more than the minimum amount.
  2. Any Vanguard who solicits at least 60,000 (cash) sponsorships to any of the homecoming activities (block screening, shoot fest, golf tournaments, homecoming proper) will be considered a donor and will be entitled to his (or any Vanguard of his/her choice) name on the wall for free.
  3. Partial /lay-away donations are currently being reviewed. We strongly encourage providing the full donation amount, as online payments only recognize the minimum donation. Do check the official UPVI Homecoming Facebook page and this website for updates.

Where will the donations go?

  1. Donations are intended for the construction of the Shibboleth Wall and for funding this year’s homecoming activities and events.
  2. Portions of all fundraising activities of the Homecoming committee will be for the continuing support and rehabilitation efforts of the Philippine Coast Guard Rescue Squadron 161 to Palompon, Leyte, one of the municipalities hardest hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.
  3. After the homecoming year, the Silver Jubilarians (Class of 1993) will be turning over all donations to the UPVI general fund to support its extension programs and operating expenses. The Shibboleth wall is a continuing fund raising project designed to raise funds for the UPVI even after Class 93’s homecoming year.

How can I donate?

  1. Donations are accepted through the following:
    1. Cash/cheques
    2. Bank deposits / Direct bank transfers
    3. Online / Paypal or Credit / Debit Cards
  2. Cash donations are accepted by the 96th Homecoming Secretariat at Rm. 209, 2/f UP Vanguard Building.
  3. Cheques should be payable to the UP Vanguard Inc. The 96th Homecoming Secretariat will also receive the cheque donations.
  4. Bank deposits should be for the UPVI Homecoming bank (Metrobank) account name: UP Vanguard Inc and account no.: 3107310803061. A copy of the deposit slip should be sent via email to /
  5. Vanguards that are unable to physically send their donations may do so online. Visit For Paypal payments, please note an additional Php440 will be charged to cover supplementary fees imposed by the Paypal system.
  6. Once the 96th Homecoming Secretariat receives a confirmation of donations (cash, deposit slip, online receipts), these will be entered to the database and the secretariat will send an email to acknowledge that the donation has been received. Online transactions will generate this email receipt automatically.

I have a short/long name. How will this appear on the wall?

  1. Upon donation, you will be asked to fill-up a form that includes a data field on how your name will be written on the wall. You are allowed only 21 characters (including spaces). You will also be asked for your class year and your UP ROTC Unit. Example:
  2. Should your fullname exceed 21 characters, it will be within your discretion to shorten the name as it will appear on the wall.

Can I choose where my name is placed?

  1. Yes, you may choose among the three walls (Duty, Honor or Country), however, the section in which your name will appear will be generated by the system. It is advised to reserve as early as possible to get the best sections (mostly top) on the wall.
  2. Names will be ordered on a first come-first served basis.

How are the names ordered/sequenced?

  1. The placement of names shall be from left to right, beginning from the topmost left section.
  2. In the spirit of equality and fraternity, the placement of names shall be fully random. There will be no predetermined sequences such as year, rank, unit or alphabetical. Names of brods are placed alongside each other regardless of seniority, unit, and even the amount donated.

What are the privileges of donating more than the minimum amount?

  1. None but we guarantee that the UPVI will be very thankful for your generosity.

Where will the Shibboleth Wall be built?

  1. The wall will be located inside the DMST complex, behind the Eternal Flame.

When will the Shibboleth Wall be built?

  1. Construction will commence by early 2018 in time for the unveiling on May 5, 2018, our 96th Homecoming.
  2. The materials will be black granite and the names will be raised polished stainless steel.

When is the cut-off for donations?

  1. Donations for VY 2017-18 will be accepted only until February 2018. After this period, the names will be manufactured and installed in time for the Wall’s unveiling on the 5th of May.
  2. For donations given after February 2018, the donor’s name will be made and fixed on the wall by batches after May 2018.